About Us

At Mayne Brand Productions we believe video is an art-form; whether it be an event, promotional video, music video or short film. Here at Mayne Brand, we produce high quality productions from start to finish. Crafting a uniquely drawn perspective and into a one-of-a-kind piece that is bold and meaningful, making the ultimate statement about for your product, service or story. 

UK born Daniel Brand has a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Video Productions. Daniel is a skilled cinematographer and creative editor with a background in fine arts and motion graphic design which he utilizes to create a truly unique perspective.

Samantha Mayne's inherent skills in directing and editing come from shadowing her father, Roger Mayne, who was a cinematographer, director and also a production company leader. Her life-long experience of being on set, both in-front of and behind the camera, works in unison with her background in sales & marketing and office management to ensure a production that is professional, creative and genuine.

A Gift for Amelia 

A young woman discovers her inner beauty while in the surgical embrace of a mysterious doctor.

With cinematography & editing by Mayne Brand, we teamed up with Anathema Photography (Danielle Anathema) to create this short horror movie. Inspired by films such as Aftermath, Perfume, and certain elements of Repo-Men, we’re imagining an art-house surgical horror that’s dark and eerie, just like Anathema’s photography.


TransFusion has always been about pushing boundaries and taking artistic liberties. This year, VIBC is excited to partner up with artists Vanessa Goodman, Stu Iguidez, Dayna Szyndrowski, and Jacky Yenga. Together, we present bhangra abstracted — elements of the dance movements, the music, the instruments, the language — seen through a new and unique lens. This is our opportunity to get weird, to explore, and to excite you with an innovative performance, blending and creating new pieces in partnership with local artists. Art has no boundaries, and through TransFusion, VIBC continues to break through the silos and explore new possibilities for cross-cultural understanding.



Shot in multiple locations in the United Kingdom & Vancouver on three different types of camera, 8307 is Mayne Brand's dark artistic approach to surrealist independent film.

Inspired by directors such as David Lynch this movie explores the ideas of deep scaring memories that we wish we could ignore but end up being consumed by.


Viewer discretion is advised!